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Creative Web Design

Tailored design solutions that will truly reflect your venture, giving you a product that will stand out from your competitors.

Why do I need a website?

Your customers expect to find information about your company online whether simply to get a phone number, to buy a product or to find out more about you. While social media platforms are great for direct communication and brand exposure, your website will be an important step for customers who prefer to fully research companies before choosing to buy or order services. Tell your customers what you have to offer and give them a reason to buy from you.

How does it work?

We know you understand your business better than anyone. By listening to you we’ll help you communicate efficiently with your customers creating new relationships and enhancing existing ones. In order to reach the best solution for your organisation, we will work together to consider your market, audience and stake holders. We'll assess your brand values: how your customers see you and perhaps most importantly how you want to be seen. We can then reflect your values and visual brand in a vibrant online presence with a striking original design that says exactly what you want to say and aligns with your goals.

Managing content

We can look after your site updates for you or you can have a fully updatable content management system or CMS. The choice of CMS would depend on the requirements of your project. We’d advise using Expression Engine for larger projects that require features such as related content, categorised content and searches. We also work with Wordpress which uses plugins to easily add a wide range of design and interactive features from simple enquiry forms to premium content for members, event booking to bespoke e-commerce. UK based Perch Runway is another CMS product we recommend which offer powerful features and flexibility with lightweight pages delivered quickly and efficiently.


Design and development projects start at around £1000. Costs depend on complexity, size and features. For smaller budgets a template driven site can be a practical alternative. We recommend Wordpress and can help you get set up with a library template for as little as £500, again more in depth set up and design will cost more.

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“We’ve had some great feedback on the new site. It is proving so much easier to use than the old site, and is much better aligned with what our team needs.”

Jo Black Information Manager & Systems Specialist, SBBS, University of Bangor


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